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Checkmate Services Pvt. Ltd.

social responsibility

Checkmate has been at the forefront in showing its corporate responsibility, through its Institute of Fire Safety & Disaster management Studies (IFDM). During its existence Checkmate has been very mindful of its social commitment and has always been in the forefront to provide help,relief, succor and training to bring about a change, usher in newer learning, especially those existing at Below poverty line levels , provide relief and help in times of natural and man made calamities.

Highlights of some of our major contribution we have done towards our commitment to enshrine these values :

We sent our personnel to participate and provide relief, rescue and succor to those thousands trapped and injured in Bhuj – Kutch, during the aftermath of the Gujarat Earthquake in January 2001.

We provided help to the local Fire & Emergency Services, post the Godhra riots and our personnel and fire man trainees did a wonderful job in being there, when help was sorely needed.

The spate of flood in 2004 & 2006, saw our personnel and fire man trainees, again battling the fury of floods in providing relief and rescue to those in dire straits.

Especially the IFDM went a number of steps forward to train children from Rural and Urban schools of Vadodara, by bringing about greater awareness on Disaster Management / Mitigation, Emergency Response & Rescue, Operations and First aid training. IFDM has trained 3000 children since then. Our efforts were lauded by a visit from the First Secretary Cultural Affairs- US Embassy, New Delhi, who commended us on our efforts and commitment. The young boys and girls who trained under our guidance from these schools were in the age group of 12-21 and they have gained measurable experience on how to deal with different types of disasters and assist those in dire strait, at times.